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Komplek Giri Mekar Permai Blok A No.23,Cijambe,Ujung Berung, Bandung Jawa Barat Indonesia
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Harti Annisa



 Komplek Giri Mekar Permai Blok A No.23,Cijambe,Ujung Berung, Bandung, Indonesia



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Skype harti.annisa  Line  hartiannisa

Sex Female | Date of birth  December, 13th 1992 | Nationality Indonesian









1999 – 2005           11 Elementary School Pangkalpinang

2005 -  2008           5 Junior High School Pangkalpinang

2008 – 2011           3 Senior High School Pangkalpinang

2011 – 2015           Libarary and Information Science

Faculty Of Science Education, Indonesia University of Education (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)

Core subjects: Library Science Perspective, Library automation, Library management, Basics of Cataloging and Classification, Digital Library, Acquisitions, Organization Information: Cataloging, Descriptive, Serial, and Multimedia, Facilities Planning and Design of Library and Information,Library and Information Service System, Legal Aspects and Information, Organization Information: Classifying, Print Media and Non-Print Media,Preservation and Conservation of Library Material and Information, Human Resource Development of Library and Information, Search Techniques and Scientific Writing, Organization Information: Subject Indexing, Indexing, abstraction, and Thesaurus, Reference services, Measurement and Assessment Information Service, Resource and Information Service, Education and training management, Leadership Library and Information, Bibliotheraphy, Enterprise Information Services, Archival management, Design Software Library,Online Search and Cooperation in the NetworkEducation, Knowledge Management, Museum management, Application of ICT in Libraries, Management Information System Library and Information, Information retrieval


Januari - April 2015                On Job Training

-  Junior High School 12 Libarary, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (2 months)

   Libarary Users Service

-  Pasundan University Central Library, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (2 months)

   Libarary Users Service





2014-2015              Freelance  in UPI central Library

-  Uploading  the scientific papers: thesis and dissertation thesis into the official web http://repository.upi.edu/

-  Donwloading  international scientific journals






2012 – 2013          Treasurer Interest and Talent Division BEM KEMA PERINFO, Faculty of Science Education, Indonesia University of Education

In charge of managing the finance division in the activities of student sport day


2011                        Education Technology Student Association Member in Education and  Devotion Division, Faculty of Science Education, Indonesia University of Education

In charge of public relation with society in community for social service activities












Mother tongue(s)




Other language(s)






Spoken interaction

Spoken production











Communication skills

Good communication skills gained through my experience as librarian in users service


Organisational / managerial skills

Managing the finance and public  relation gained through my experience as  treasurer and member in some oranization in 2011 – 2013






Other skills

-  Good Command in Microsoft Office TM (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Powerpoint)

-  Basic Command in Programming Apllication (Dream Weaver, Senayan, Open Biblio)

-  Basic Command in Design Aplication (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw)












Final Project of Library and Information Science Bachelor Degree  Entitled  “The effectiveness of the User Education Program to Increase Independence of the Blind Users in the Library Utilization(Experimental Study at Braille Library Braille Publishing Center Indonesia (BPBI) Abiyoso Bandung)


National Seminar “ Reconstruction of the role of the physical space of the Library in serving the information society” (November, 2011)


International Seminar “ Strengthening Character Education in Early Chilhood and Primary Education” (December, 2011)


Mobile Training App Library 2.0 “ Fostering Entrepreneurial Creative in the Development of Libarary 2.0 in Schooling” (September, 2014)


Workshop on National Librarianship  (August, 2015)

  National Seminar

  Workshop: Librarian, School and Learning Concepts

  Workshop: Information Science: Possible Development in Indonesia, Building Consortium e-resources in Universities, Competencies and Professional Certification Librarian

  Workshop: Digital Pathfinder Designing, Building a Digital Library based Slims, Building a Digital Library Based INLIS and Strategies for Creating user information literacy independent


Workshop and Training Program Senayan Library Management System (Slims) 7 Cendana (Juny 2015)

  Learning about Slims Software or Open Source Software (OSS) for web-based library automation by executing the programming language PHP (http://php.net) and RDBMS MySQL (http: // mysql, com), with the aim of increasing knowledge, understanding and skills for students / alumni study program library and information science in the field of information technology in the library with Implementation program Senayan Library Management System (Slims) 7







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